Independent Broadcasting Trust Reports and other Media Analyses

The IBT examines the way in which distant others and other countries are portrayed on British television and has produced a series of reports dating back until the early 1990s that form a very useful record of how television coverage has changed. There are also analyses of newspapers. I have provided copies of the reports below.

IBT analyses of television coverage:

1990: ‘Losing the Picture.’
1991: ‘Getting the Full Picture.’

1993: ‘Giving the Broader Picture.’

1995: ‘What in the world is going on.’

1996: ‘Watching the World.’

1998: ‘World Out of Focus.’

2000: ‘Losing Perspective.’

2002: ‘Losing Reality.’

2004: ‘The World on the Box.’

2006: ‘Reflecting the Real World.’

2007: ‘Reflecting the Real World part 2.’

2008: ‘Screening the World.’

2009: ‘The World in Focus.’

2011: ‘Outside the box.’

Other Media Analyses:

2000: ‘Viewing the World (DfID).’
2002: ‘Live Aid Legacy (VSO).’

2009: ‘Great Global Switch Off (Oxfam_IBT_Polis).’

2010: ‘Shrinking World (Media Standards Trust).’

2010: ‘UK citizens use of Internet (IBT).’

2010: ‘Global generation (IBT).’