Public Perceptions of Development and Andrew Darnton’s Reports

One of the key issues for understanding the work of celebrity in development is to understand what different groups of people perceive development to be and how they perceive its needs are best dealt with. A large number of countries have been examining this issue, generally with the help of large n surveys. In the UK we are fortunate to have these combined with a series of qualitative research carried out by Andrew Darnton. His analyses of these data provide one of the richest and most detailed explorations of public perceptions of development and the more carefully developed statement of the problem that these perceptions pose to NGOs and politicians.

I am working on my own summary of this literature. Darnton and Kirk also provide a good one in the opening pages of the forthcoming ‘Finding Frames’ report. However this material is accessible and well written for those who want to go direct to the source, and I have made it available below.

1. Make Poverty History. End of Year Notes. April 2006. PDF

2. Comic Relief ‘Public Perceptions of Poverty’. Story Research Report (with Alice Fenyoe). September 2007. PDF

3. Global Poverty and the Public – Desk Research. December 2007. PDF

4. The Public, DFID and Support for Development – A Rapid Review. December 2009. PDF

5. Finding Frames. Andrew Darnton and Martin Kirk. March 2011. PDF
A newspaper article about that report and its commentary is available here.