Academic Articles


Here is a selection of some of the journal articles I have found useful in writings about celebrity. The emphasis in this selection is on celebrity politics, activism and philanthropy. Please let me know what is missing.

Boykoff, M. and M. K. Goodman (2009). “Conspicuous Redemption: Promises and Perils of Celebrity Involvement in Climate Change.” Geoforum40: 395-406

Brockington, D. (2008). ‘Powerful Environmentalisms. Conservation, Celebrity and Capitalism.’ Media Culture & Society 30(4): 551-568.

Cooper, A. F. (2007). “Celebrity Diplomacy and the G8: Bono and Bob as Legitimate International Actors.” The Centre for International Governance Innovation. University of Waterloo, Working Paper 29.

Draper, M. (1998). ‘Zen and the Art of Garden Province Maintenance: The Soft Intimacy of Hard Men in the Wilderness of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, 1952-1997.’ Journal of Southern African Studies 24(4): 801-828.

Draper, M. and G. Mare (2003). ‘Going In: The Garden of England’s Gaming Zookeeper and Zululand.’ Journal of Southern African Studies 29(2): 551-569.

Ferris, K. O. (2007). “The Sociology of Celebrity.” Sociology Compass 1(1): 371-84.

Holmes, S. (2005). ”Starring . . . Dyer?’: Re-Visiting Star Studies and Contemporary Celebrity Culture.’ Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture 2(2): 6-21.

Hutchins, B. and L. Lester (2006). “Environmental protest and tap-dancing with the media in the information age.” Media Culture & Society 28(3): 433-51.

Lester, L. (2006). “Lost in the wilderness? Celebrity, protest and the news.” Journalism Studies 7(6): 907-21.

Littler, J. (2008). “”I feel your pain”: cosmopolitan charity and the public fashioning of the celebrity soul.” Social Semiotics 18(2): 237-51.

Meyer, D. S. and J. Gamson (1995). “The Challenge of Cultural Elites: Celebrities and Social Movements.” Sociological Inquiry 65(2): 181-206.

Richey, L. A. and S. Ponte (2008). ‘Better (Red)Tm Than Dead: ‘Brand Aid’, Celebrities Consumption and International Aid.’ Third World Quarterly 29(4): 711 – 729

Street, J. (2002)  Bob, Bono and Tony: the celebrity as politician, Media, Culture and Society, 24(3): 433-41

Street, J. (2004). “Celebrity Politicians: Popular Culture and Political Representation.” British Journal of Politics and International Relations 6: 435-452.

John Street’s 2004 article has in turn spawned an entire subsection of the BJPIR which can be accessed here.