New Papers from this Fellowship

Towards an International Understanding of the  Power of Celebrity Persuasions. A Review and a Research Agenda.
A review of the use of celebrity in advertising and endorsements, finding that too much of our understanding of the power of celebrity advertising depends on US college students. Submitted for publication to Celebrity Studies. Pre-publication version available here (released March 2014).

Signifying the Public. Celebrity Advocacy and Post-Democratic Politics.
An exploration responses to celebrity advocacy using large-scale surveys and focus groups in Britain. Published in the International Journal of Cultural Studies. Available via the link above (with two other articles on celebrity advocacy) or the PDF is available here (scroll down to May 8th on that page).

The Production and Consumption of Celebrity Advocacy
Examines the work done by NGOs, and particularly celebrity liaison officers, to produce effective celebrity advocacy. Published in Third World Quarterly in January 2014. Available via the link above, or the PDF is here.

Trends in reporting on celebrity, charities and development and humanitarian NGOs in UK newspapers
Released November 2011. PDF Available here.

‘Getting It’. Working with celebrity involvement in good causes overseas.
Released Sept 2011. PDF available here.