Here are some of the other people working on celebrity generally and celebrity and philanthropy more specifically. There are many more – please let me know who is missing.

Lucy Bennett, Cardiff University

Frances Bonner, University of Queensland

Max Boykoff, University of Colorado

Raymond Bryant, Geography, King’s College London

Lilie Chouliaraki, LSE

Philip Drake, University of Stirling

Malcolm Draper, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

Olivier Driessens, LSE

Stephen Duncombe, New York University

Mike Goodman, Kings College London.

Su Holmes, University of East Anglia

Graham Huggan, University of Leeds

Asteris Huliaras, University of Peloponnese

Ilan Kapoor, York University

Libby Lester, University of Tasmania

Jo Littler, Middlesex University

Cheryl Lousely, Lakehead University in Orillia, Ontario

Patrick McCurdy, University of Ottawa

Tim Markham, Birkbeck College

David Marshall, Deakin University

Pramod Nayar, The University of Hyderabad

Stefano Ponte, Danish Institute for International Studies

Lisa Richey, Roskilde University

Sean Redmond, Victoria University of Wellington

Signe Rousseau, University of Cape Town

Martin Scott, UEA

John Street, University of East Anglia

Graeme Turner, University of Queensland

Robert van Krieken, University of Sydney

Mark Wheeler, London Metropolitan University