This website reports the work of a research project examining the work of fame, celebrity and public figures in international development. The research project is now concluded, this site is a legacy site that allows people to engage with the work, data and sources. The findings have been written up into a book Celebrity Advocacy and International Development. There are also three shorter papers which are all in the public domain and can be freely shared. 

If you want a very short summary of what the general argument of the book is, and a guide to what it contains chapter by chapter, then I have provided one on this page. My hope is that this page will help to correct distortions which can arise from simplifying or reporting only parts of the the argument.

If you want to know more detail about this research then you can learn more about this research – its origins, contexts, tasks, progress and writings. There is a page providing a summary of the two day symposium that met in Manchester in June 2012 to share research on celebrity advocacy.

I’ve put in pages of (I hope) useful resources. For those new to the topic there is a short guide to the study of celebrity. For those interested in exploring the issue in more depth I have added weblinks, newspaper articles and podcasts and academic sources as well as links to the colleagues who are working on similar topics. These have been kept up-to-date for the period of the research (Sept 2010 – Aug 2012). Please do let me know of any significant omissions and things I should add.

In addition, during this work I have come across some useful collections of grey literature including Andrew Darnton’s work on Make Povery History, Brendan Cox’s work on Development Campaigns and analyses of British Television from the IBT reports. Some of these already exist as web-based resources, others I have scanned or made available as pdfs for downloading.

Finally, since I have completed the book from this project I have added more information about the methods used in the research, in case anyone wants to test or replicate the research. After the publication of the book there was some media attention, and that is listed on this page.

Although this is a legacy site I am always keen to hear your views on this project, so please get back to me with questions, objections, suggestions and information. Finally, if you want to know more about how this project fits in with my research and academic work as a whole, please go to my home page.

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