Dan Brockington

I am the Director of the Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID), at the University of Sheffield. I trained as an anthropologist at UCL, where I wrote my PhD under Kathy Homewood’s supervision. I then worked at the Geography Departments of the Universities of Cambridge (on a post-doc with Bill Adams) and Oxford before moving to Manchester (at the Institute for Development Policy and Management, now Global Development Institute) in 2005 and then Sheffield in 2015. Most of my research has been in Tanzania, where I have worked on livelihood change, natural resource governance, microfinance and institutional performance.  But I have also worked in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India. My broader interests include work on global overviews of the social impacts of protected areas, media and conservation and continental-wide examinations of the work of conservation NGOs in sub-Saharan Africa. Most recently I have worked on celebrity and development based largely on work in the UK. I am happiest conducting long term field research in remote areas of East Africa but I also learn much from studying organizations and the occasional plush fundraising event. My books are: Fortress Conservation (2002), Nature Unbound (With Rosaleen Duffy and Jim Igoe, 2008),  Celebrity and the Environment (2009) and Celebrity Advocacy and International Development (2014).

My home page which locates this website among my broader work and research interests is www.danbrockington.com